At Greenland Composites, we design, develop, and manufacture custom extrusion profiles for many applications which require dimensional stability, durability, as well as resistance to moisture, decay and insect damage. The physical characteristics of our materials eliminate splitting, twist, rot, and the problems with knots. Unlike wood, our polymer/wood composite material absorbs very little moisture during extended exposure to the environment.


Greenland Composites has an in-house design and fabrication department to make extrusion dies, processing, and other components required to extrude application-specific, wood/plastic products.

Custom wood and polymer formulations are developed and tested to meet end product performance requirements.


Our primary focus is to develop environmentally sustainable  formulations based on utilizing 100% recycled and recovered polymers and natural fibers.


From concept to finished product, we are fast, focused, and cost effective with quality built in for the job to be done.